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Dog Food Distributor, Supplements, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Dog Food Distributor:

Dog Food Distributor These chews and treats are free from preservatives, additives, artificial coloring sellers, flavors and different chemical substances. ALL CHEWS AND TREATS ARE made from loose range OCEAN FISHES AND loose range naturally GRAZING farm animals ORGANS AND TISSUES. consequently, carries no antibiotic and pesticide residues. No hypersensitive reaction turned into observed to any of the goods tested through a panel of senior vets. considered one of top products is Dog Food Supplement called Shark Cartilage. Fish cartilage has anti inflammatory and anti-immune suppressant residences and beneficial inside the remedy of arthritis. Millennium Exports has acquired a BIRAC (Biotechnology industry research Assistant Council, government. of India frame) Award in 2013 for R&D under green technology class for using byproduct of Fisheries enterprise into a high made of pet Animal food industry. Our extremely-premium canine meals pet LIKES become provided fine MAKE IN INDIA AWARD in Petszoo 2016. Ocean merchandise do now not bring anthrax, salmonella, BSE and different pathogens not unusual in terrestrial animal

Dog Food Manufacturers:

Millennium Exports is installed within the new Petlikes 2000 as a partnership firm in Chennai, South India. The CEO is Dr.KaleemurRahman, who holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in marine organisms. He has wide variety of years of enjoy in pet animal meals. some of Senior Veterinary physicians and nutritionist from exclusive elements of India are beneath the consultant panel of the organisation. presently the employer produces specific, novel and progressive dog chews, treats, and Dog Food Supplement. The is exporting Ocean Chews (canine chews made from fish tail, fish fin, fish bone and fish pores and skin) because 2005 to US, european Union, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. The employer's products consist of Ocean chunk, Ocean Delite, puppy Delite, natural chew, Shark Cartilage (Dog Food Supplement), Ocean Oil for dogs and puppy Likes.
puppy Likes Platinum is an extremely-top rate canine food added in 2016 observed by using pet Likes Gold that is a ordinary preservation food. All merchandise of Millennium Exports are advanced with one hundred% indigenous generation and in-residence R&D. the products are optimized for all climatic conditions. Millennium Exports has obtained a BIRAC (Biotechnology enterprise studies Assistant Council, govt. of India frame) Award in 2013 for R&D below green technology class for utilizing byproduct of Fisheries industry right into a top product of puppy Animal food industry. Our extremely-premium canine meals pet LIKES was provided fine MAKE IN INDIA AWARD in Petszoo 2016.. Ocean merchandise do no longer bring anthrax, salmonella, BSE and different pathogens commonplace in terrestrial

Dog Food Supplements:

Dog Food Distributor is pet Likes Platinum is a first ultra-premium product from a 100 percent Indian company and made out of 100% indigenous ingredients. No imported ingredient is used in Pet Likes, a total and complete Indian product. Yet the quality matches the best of the imported dog foods sold in India or elsewhere. Pet Likes is widely tested in many regions and on many exotic and Indian dog breeds.
Pet Likes contains 30% protein, 16% fat and 4300 kcal / kg energy. The specialty of Pet Likes is that about 70% of protein and 80% fat in the food are of animal origin, which speaks about the food’s premium quality. The protein comes from three main animal sources, fish, chicken and meat. Pet Likes contains Shark Cartilage for hip and joint support and reduces arthritis symptoms in senior dogs. Pet Likes has fish oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acid for fur growth, shine and skin health. Pet Likes has a natural source of FOS (fructo-oligo saccharide), which is the best soluble fiber for dogs to increase the colon weight. Besides, what brings Pet Likes Platinum into ultra-premium segment is its Gluten Free nature. No wheat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran or any other wheat derivative is used in this Dog Food Manufacturers, therefore, making it very safe for dogs with gluten allergy. In addition to the above Pet Likes also contains a couple of herbal ingredients like Turmeric and Chicory as sources of natural curcumin and Inulin. Curcumin is for better digestion, increasing appetite and Inulin, which provides dissolved fiber and oligosaccharides help in nutrient absorption, reduces gastrointestinal problems and stool consistency.


Pet Likes is fortified with variety of vitamins, antioxidants, mineral in balanced formulation creating Pet Likes an entire and balanced Dog Food Distributor. Turmeric, vitamin E and chondroitin salt from shark animal tissue act synergistically toenhance immune functions.

Dog Food Supplement:

This is a flagship product of Millennium Exports next to Pet Likes. Dog Food Distributor contains a important combination of chondroitin and glucosamine along side extremely comestible fish supermolecule and omega three and omega half dozen fatty acids (both DHA and EPA). The unsaturated fatty acids along side fish amino acids improve colour, hair growth and coat shine.

Pet Delite:

Pet Delite is natural, protein free; chemical free processed and sterilized Free vary buffalopizzel cuttings. It satisfies biting instinct, improves gum health and prevents dental plague and cut back tartar. Pet Delite stimulates craving in dogs and provides nutrition. Dog Food Distributor Pet Delite is additionally a delight for dog trainers. this is often all safe dog chew and a special delicacy for dogs of all breeds.

Ocean Delite:

Ocean Delite is especially the muscle and bone tissue of shark fishes. this is often a really sensible treat for adult dogs and for puppies and tiny breed adults, this additionally is a chew. Ocean Delite could be a Dog Food Distributor substitute for several dogs. once offered in tiny quantities, this product behaves as a glorious treat and once fed additional will substitute the day’s Pet Food Wholesalers. this is often acts as a really sensible handle for dog trainers.

Natural Bite:

Natural Bite could be a processed and sterilized Free Ranged water buffalo sinew. this is often a really enticing treat, like by all breed of all stages. it's a 100 percent buffalo gristle terribly effective for dental health. Millennium Export is that the major businessperson of sinew to so much japanese countries.

Ocean Chew:

There square measure 3 merchandise during this class. they're fish bone, fish fin and fish tail. they're essentially developed as chews however dogs eaten these merchandise and consume them quickly change of state them while not a clear stage. Fish fin, tail and bones square measure from marine chondrichthian fishes specifically ray fish, shark and stringed instrument fish. It cleans teeth, prevents plaque and reduces tartar.

Ocean Oil:

Ocean oil is extracted from marine oil sardine fishes. This oil encompasses a terribly high palatableness all told dog breeds. Ocean oil will be extra to any homemade Pet Food Wholesalers or to any dry Pet Food Wholesalers as topping. Ocean oil contains twenty four g of Environmental Protection Agency Ecosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaecnoic Acid).


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